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Basic Safeguarding Children Course

This course is suitable for anyone that works with children either directly or indirectly.It covers all the basic requirements as detailed in Working Together 2015 and Keeping Children Safe in Education 2016. It covers what used to be called level 1 & level 2 training. An annual update can also be tailored to individual organisations needs.

Training is tailored to cover local referral procedures and the issues that are relevant to the individual organisation. 

Full course is advised every 3 years, with an annual update.

Designated Safeguarding Lead

This course will equip designated safeguarding leads to understand the requirements of the role and to give them a number of tools to aid them in the role. Local referral processes are looked at in depth. 

This course is particularly relevant for new Designated Safeguarding Leads, who need to be clear on what the role covers.  

A flash drive is provided  to each setting, which contains relevant guidance, tools and support to assist professionals. 

Designated Safeguarding Lead Knowledge and Skills Refresher

This knowledge and skills update will check on the current knowledge level of participants and will update on changes over the past year.

This course is suitable for experienced Designated Safeguarding Leads, who need to keep up to date.

Designated Safeguarding Leads are required to update their knowledge and skills on an annual basis. 

Working Together to Safeguard Children

This course is suitable for those who work at a multi agency basis to safeguard children. It supports professionals to explore how agencies work together to support and keep children safe.

This course meets the old level 3 standards. 

Understanding Appropriate Sexual Behaviour in Children 

This workshop is suitable for anyone who works with children and young people and wants to understand what is meant as 'normal' sexual behaviour.

This workshop will equip practitioners with the skills to use the Brook 'traffic light' identification system  

Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness & Briefing

A 3 hour awareness session or 2 hour briefing that explores child sexual exploitation, building on existing knowledge and identifying identification, support available and resilience building in young people 

Female Genital Mutilation Awareness & Briefing

A 3 hour awareness session or 2 hour briefing that explores Female Genital Mutilation. Practitioners will explore the reasons why FGM is done, the damage that can be caused and tools to help them identify and the appropriate action to take.

Domestic Abuse and the Impact on Children

The full day course looks at the victim, perpetrator and the impact on children. Delegates will go through the DASH Risk assessment form , to identify levels of risk and appropriate safety planning, as well as the impact on the child and appropriate referrals.

The workshop looks predominantly at the child, identification , support and appropriate referrals  

Honour Based Violence 

To ensure participants gain knowledge and understanding of the dynamics of honour-based violence (HBV) and equip them with the skills to support clients effectively. Participants will look at the motivation for HBV and the different practices which may effect specific cultures including Forced Marriage, Female Genital Mutilation, Breast Ironing, Acid Attacks and honour based violence.

Working with Difficult to Engage Families 

Parents will often use avoidance, violence, disinterest, disguised or superficial compliance in order to avoid facing issues at home. This course will give practitioners the opportunity to explore understanding why a parent behaves in this way and how to effectively engage with them.

Safer Recruitment Accredited by  The Safer Recruitment Consortium

To enable those with responsibility for recruiting staff within their own organisation or part of an employment agency to understand the context of safer recruitment requirements, establish a safer recruitment process and maintain an ongoing culture of vigilance that deters and prevents abuse and challenges inappropriate behaviour.

Please note there is a competency test at the end of this training.

This training must be renewed every 5 years



Internet Safety - Sessions for Professionals, Parents & Children

This training is offered at 3 levels. ensuring raised awareness of the benefits and risks of internet and social media use by young people.

Strategies are given to help young people protect themselves, to increase parental awareness and vigilance and to support staff to identify and reduce risks.

Level 1 - Staff only

Level 2 - Staff and Parent sessions

Level 3 - Staff, parent and children sessions 


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